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1st World Acro Medalists_2006

DC-10 over Dave Biddle's House during Summer 2013 fire

Torrey Pines looking northeast

McClure LZ 2006

Shannon Raby and "Sousaphone" Keith at Big Sur New Year's Eve Party 2007

Dave's and Kirk's hawk on my Syncro Van at Horse launch

Bob Kuczewski getting fast food in Arco ID

Moore Idaho Town Park during King Mt Fly-In circa 2010

Ken Muscio over MeClure 2006

Josh Writer at Blossom

photo by Mariusz Jeglinski taken at Edwards launch at Lake Elsinore CA

Mt St Hellena film shoot, helo pilot, Bill Sorensen, John Heiney, Chris "the Big Guy" McKeon, Joe Spinney

Dolphins and boogie-border at Black's Beach, shot from hang glider soaring Torrey Pines

John Heiney at Torrey Pines photo by Matt Easterly

John Heiney and Sophie at Torrey Pines

Horse LZ, John Heiney with students: Anna Eppink, Josh Writer and Bill Steuber

Horse launch, Alex Ponomarev, Josh Writer, Robert Surom, Greg Writer, Shane Beams, Anna Eppink, John Heiney

Arthur catching an RC at Blossom Valley

Rick Weber soaring at Blossom Valley

Rick Weber worshiping Anna Nguyen at Horse

Mike Miner at Horse

Rick Weber above launch at Horse

Rick Weber and Shai Pryadarshi at Horse

Rick and Shai in the LZ

Alex Ponomarev at the North Side

Alex high at the Point

Vernon Oakley at the North Side

Rick Weber soaring at Blossom Valley

Vernon car-camping in hot weather

Vernon Oakley

Chris Bolfing at Yosemite

Saturn 167 undergoing the torturous negative 150 load test

Horse Canyon LZ: John, Rick Weber, Morgan Izzo, Anna Nguyen, Mike Miner & Parker, Will Bradford

John Burke with offspring/helper at AJ LZ

Anna Nguyen in strong wind at the South Side

Morgan Izzo training in high wind at the South Side

Rick and Anna at Edwards Launch

Will, Morgan and Anna high on a great Horse day

Mike, Will and Anna at Edwards

Morgan climbs out again at Horse

Anna Nguyen high at Horse

Anna Nguyen at Horse Canyon

Kyle Lemmon launching Blossom