A Word to the Wise

Our society places great value on alcohol. From my observations, alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are good for turning talented young individuals with potential and great promise into bums, very slowly.

If you are an intelligent person, be sure you do not allow the mass-hysteria promoting the coolness of drinking and drugs; that bombards young people in our society, to prevent you from enjoying a fun life and developing the special thing that you have to contribute to the World.

Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes all deliver outside chemicals to the brain that stimulate an artificial feeling of reward. If you do this, you have no need to do anything real; because you can get the artificial reward the easy way.

Our body generates the real chemicals naturally when we accomplish something of value. Then we experience the feeling of real reward.

It's important to find the one thing to do with your time that makes you feel good about yourself and devote your life to it.

How I got educated on alcohol